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Government takes over Turkey's largest newspaper

A free press is an essential component of democracy. It’s not a stretch when Americans say the media is “The Fourth Branch” of the government. When the media is controlled by the government there is a huge conflict of interest, as citizens are less able to stay accurately informed…

300 Reindeer Killed in Lightning Strikes

Terrorist Attacks in Turkey and Travel Advisories

Karen Perezas body found by Texas EquuSearch

Earthquakes rock Japan and Ecuador

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Three people killed in crossbow attack in Toronto

Violent crime has always been an issue, and many dangerous outbursts have hit the media in recent years. With especially gun violence issues making headlines all around North America, what might not have expected a violent headline stemming from a crossbow attack. In Toronto, Canada, this nightmare…

Which golf women are attending the Rio Olympics and who is staying away?

The Rio Olympics opening ceremonies of the grand competition began today. For all the controversy, this event has drawn people from around the world and not just for the games. Pollution became a major concern and many feel it has not been properly handled both in terms of air, as well as water. For…

Child Taken by Alligator at Disney World, Orlando

Every child wants to see Walt Disney World. The young ones are exposed to Disney characters and this is the place where they get to feel what it's like to be in a fantasy world. As parents, being able to take the children in this beautiful venue brings about a delightful feeling. Just the sight…

Australian W. Rodwell survives 472 days in captivity

An Australian man was abducted and imprisoned by Muslim militants in the Southern Philippines for 472 days and has shed more light on his experience. He is telling his story of his brushes with death and also the methods he used to stop himself from going insane and giving up hope of rescue. Warren…

Three Syrians arrested in Germany accused of planning attacks

Brazil's President may be impeached

Man attacks Iditarod teams with snowmobile

Researchers in Russia unearth a Wooly Mammoth

Obama’s view of global warming is opposed by Congress